Asbestos Awareness


Course Title:   Asbestos Awareness

Course Reference:   RSM 16

Course Content:   At the end of the course delegates will be able to:

  •  Name the 3 main types of asbestos
  •  List the diseases caused by exposure to asbestos and understand the increased risk for smokers
  •  List some of the likely uses and locations for asbestos products in buildings
  •  Know how to avoid the risks from asbestos
  •  Explain the general emergency procedures should asbestos be discovered / disturbed

Cost & Method of Payment:   Off-Site:  £65 + VAT per person
                                              Group rates available on request (min 5)


                                              On-Site:  £55+VAT per person (min)

Payment 7 days before course start date

Target Group:   All employees who are likely to either work in areas of  high noise levels.

Entry Requirements:   All delegates should have attended a health and safety induction course. 

Enrolment Details:   On-line application

Awarding Body:   RSM

Qualification:   RSM Attendance certificate

Course Duration:   ½ day.   Can be run in back-to-back morning and afternoon sessions

Start Dates:   As required

Timetable:  Weekdays  0900 to 1200  and 1300 to 1600 

Course Contact Name:   Don Graham

Course Contacts:  

Tel:  01723 376527



1.  On client’s site (min 5 delegates
2.  Sarborough Rugby Union Football Club
3.  A convenient local venue

RSM Venue Facilities:           

1. Car Parking
2. Overnight accommodation
3. Disabled access